Stay True to You

Jay is pleased to announce our partnership with Causewave Community Partners to promote the Unintended Pregnancy Reduction Initiative. The initiative is designed to spread the truth about birth control options for Rochester area teens and twenty-somethings: there are more than a dozen options and they’re all free in New York State. The message, “Stay True…

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Jay Partners to Launch Rochester Family Tourism Campaign

Bring the Family. Closer. The start of summer has coincided with another anticipated beginning: Rochester’s re-dedicated effort to drive family tourism. Helping lead the way, Jay has partnered with Visit Rochester to develop the new campaign titled Bring the family. Closer. The campaign highlights the emotional, geographical, and experiential closeness a family can enjoy through… Read More

JAY Leads Thought Leadership In Phoenix

At JAY, we love sharing our passion for what we do and, whenever we can, imparting a few nuggets of wisdom gained along the way. To that end, last week, our very own Susan Cregan and Lisa Kreienberg led a Thought Leadership presentation titled “Closing the Loop: How to Know Your Advertising is Working”, hosted… Read More