Identity Rebrand

Known for impeccable service and a compassionate touch, Anthony has been helping families heal for over 40 years. Anthony partnered with us for a refresh in an effort to stay relevant in an industry undergoing dramatic changes. Now, their brand story can be told in a more intimate and indicative way.

Although traditional ceremonies are still the norm, families have shown a growing interest in celebrating their loved ones in more personal ways. Addressing this, Jay developed a new campaign around the idea of rituals, exploring how the end-of-life ritual has played a profound role in human culture since ancient times and illuminating the ways in which Anthony can help bring more meaning to the ceremony through customization.

Anchored by an arresting print campaign, the creative also features digital and radio ads, plus three testimonial videos for their website. Narrated by a grieving loved one, each video highlights the resonant moments of the ceremony and shares what Anthony did to orchestrate the ceremony so that everyone in attendance could celebrate life, share, and begin the healing journey.

Anthony Print Ad- Mayans
Anthony Print Ad- Chinese
Anthony Print Ad- Egyptians