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St. John Fisher College

Up Close

We’re all looking for something inspiring, in ourselves, in the company we keep, and in the experiences that we choose.

It’s not enough to sell the idea of a degree. With increasing costs and competition, the college experience has to mean vastly more — both to the students pursuing their dreams and to the parents who are supporting them.

We helped St. John Fisher College find its stride by taking a closer look at itself and celebrating what the college does best — offering a warm, welcoming experience that unites its students, cultivates their character and intellect, and prepares them professionally in a global marketplace.

4M+ Impressions
37K+ Clicks To Landing Page
640K+ Completed Video Views
1,300+ Social Likes & Comments
80+ Social Post Shares
147K+ Total Social Page Engagements

2017 Record High Applications 

2017 Record High Attendance for Open Houses

St. John Fisher College Billboard

Campaign Strategy

The gold standard of a small Liberal Arts education.

The biggest challenge in raising brand awareness and driving recruitment numbers was communicating equally authentic messages to two key audiences — students and their parents, understanding that each needed to be spoken in unique ways.

Hyper-connected content. Hyper-focused targeting.

An integrated marketing strategy using a combination of video content, print, outdoor and digital tactics (high-reach social placements and mobile executions) deployed for each target across the market footprint.

For anytime, anywhere usage, we developed a custom, mobile-responsive campaign landing page with clear direction for a user’s path to action which compiled key resource links into a manageable layout for users.


Digital Marketing

A full-footprint digital campaign was used to reach both students and parents with a combination of high-reach social placements on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, a hyper-targeted mobile execution surrounding high schools, digital video on sites with relevant content, and email marketing with a proven record of high response rates and qualified leads to the website.

The result was a successful launch of the new brand positioning with video and reach metrics that far exceeded campaign goals. This contributed to the ultimate result of record high attendance at Open Houses and record application numbers in 2017.

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