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Rochester Advertising Agency Team

The heart of Jay

We are a dedicated, tight-knit group of thinkers and creative minds that come together every day to craft compelling brand stories firmly grounded in data. We strive to build meaningful relationships with our partners – excited to be part of the journey and privileged to play a role in their success.


We lead with heart. We derive true comprehension from diligent research. And we pursue and expect ROI. This team doesn’t review data, we digest it. Informing our every move, potent insights serve to solidly reinforce the battle-proven gut instincts that brought us to the table. With an appetite for adaptation, we leave no solutions unexplored. We’re current, we’re classic, and we’re focused on the future. Through digging, planning, striving, and solving – we live to deliver the coveted returns our clients expect and deserve. The only course we’ll never follow is one which compromises integrity. As the driving foundation of our partnerships and collaborations, passion, insight, and results call on us to push forward together so your brand can pull ahead.