They Touch Us. Move Us. Compel Us. Make Us Laugh.

Second only perhaps to Super Bowl ads, holiday communications appear accustomed to receiving a wee more of a welcome mat than their off-season brethren; Perhaps no red carpet, but at very least, some sort of visitor’s pass through our ordinary filter of consumer cynicism.  (Who, me?)  Let’s face it – regular TV viewers are heavily habituated to an out-and-out barrage of calls d’action.  At the risk of generalization, it seems the executions repeatedly leaving the deepest, lengthiest impressions remain focused on storytelling, whilst applying restraint to their retail counterpart’s agitations.  (Which rings true with subsequent sharing; e.g. people rarely forward a price to a friend – they forward the entertainment) That said, here’s our Creative Department’s list of favorite holiday discoveries.

Tim Winter:

Holiday Ad: Man on the Moon

Brand: John Lewis & Partners

Why it’s his favorite: “The brand is able to draw you in to an emotional storyline that you usually find in movies. Great cinematography and an unusual take on the holiday concept of connecting with others.”


Lisa Kreienberg:
Holiday Ad: Christmas Bells

Brand: Hershey

Why it’s her favorite: “Pure confectionery delight! As both a marketing and chocolate aficionado, I admire this :15 gem for many reasons. Hershey relies on no actor – only shining Kisses. No VO — only sounds of a ubiquitous carol from the 1800s. No additional costs to negotiate year-after-year — just whimsy and holiday cheer wrapped up in a timeless commercial.”


Stephanie Adams:

Holiday Ad: Peter Comes Home for Christmas

Brand: Folgers

Why it’s her favorite: “I just think the spot is sweet.”


Aaron St James:

Holiday Ad: The Boy and the Piano

Brand: John Lewis & Partners

Why it’s his favorite: “The overall concept and message was so inspiring. The art direction, cinematography, music and copywriting made this ad really memorable, not to mention the storytelling really highlighted the life of a legend.”


Corey Fountain:

Holiday Ad: They Do Exist!

Brand: M&Ms

Why it’s his favorite: “I love the nostalgia of the beautiful Christmas tree and Santa bringing presents to all. This commercial put both Santa and the M&M characters on the same unbelievable level.

And as a big kid at heart I believe that YES, They Do Exist 😊”


Greg Shainman:

Holiday Ad: Monty the Penguin

Brand: John Lewis & Partners

Why it’s his favorite: “I wish I weren’t such a macho putz because the sheer will it took for me not to cry while watching this commercial nearly made me puke.  Why did it tear my secretly tender heart asunder? Well, it was a beautifully told story whose message I’m totally down with: that we’re all, as Marvin Gaye once sang, “sensitive people with so much to give,” yearning creatures who, above all, need love and compassion, the opportunity to connect intimately with kindred souls. Plus, it stars a penguin. And who doesn’t love penguins? Morgan Freeman loves penguins. Are you saying Morgan Freeman is wrong? That’s not very holiday spirit-like of you.”


Jay Smith:

Holiday Ad: However you do Christmas

Brand: Tesco

Why it’s his favorite: “Honest, clever humanity. Compliments of Tesco.”


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