Benefits of Working with Google and Facebook Partners

Facebook and Google have their own “partnership” programs for marketing and advertising agencies. When you work with a Google and/or Facebook Partner, you will get the best of the best. Here’s why:

Customer Service

Agencies that are partners with Google and Facebook often have dedicated representatives. Here at Jay, we meet monthly with our reps to discuss campaign strategy, performance, audience insights, product opportunities, creative optimizations and more. These meetings provide invaluable insights and bring new opportunities to reach client goals. Having a dedicated rep also provides faster response times and in turn faster solutions should any issues arise.


Like your business, Google and Facebook are constantly improving and evolving. Official partners, like Jay, are the first to hear about new features and changes within the platforms and are sometimes even asked to beta test new products. This allows partners to be proactive, plan ahead and keeps us up-to-date in order to provide the best value to our clients.

Partners are Experts

Certifications must be renewed every year, meaning we review, study material and pass exams annually. Partners also get access to exclusive resources, training and tools that are only available to a limited number of agencies. Always having access to the best practices and methodologies sets partners up for success.

Experience and Performance

Passing the tests isn’t enough to retain partnership status. Agencies must also meet certain spending and performance levels within Google and Facebook ads managers. This stipulation ensures that agencies are not only bringing in money for the platforms, but they’re also helping their clients reach top campaign performance. These ad platforms want customers to have great results; by holding partners to a performance standard, they are ensuring clients will have campaign success and will continue to invest in their ad network.

You want to get the most out of your Google and Facebook advertising. At Jay, our ad specialists are highly trained and certified to work with Google and Facebook ad platforms to deliver results for your business within your budget. Google and Facebook continue to be two of our top performing digital placements across industries.

Interested in working with Jay on your Google and Facebook strategies and campaigns? Contact us today and see how we can drive success for your business.

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