Ferdinand Jay Smith’s HBO Theme is still making noise



“I still get chills”

“It gives me goose-bumps” …

“It brings me back.”

Certainly, these couldn’t be people’s quotes regarding a TV theme, could they? Ah, but then again, It’s Not TV… – It’s HBO. And yes – contributors to a wildly popular podcast focusing on HBO’s storied past made exactly these exclamations when describing the legendary cable channel’s iconic opening theme. Beyond an audio signature, the thematic seems to have burrowed itself into the psyche of generations – all exposed to its innate, beckoning promise that ‘something big is about to happen’.

The podcast spans a two-part series, narrated by Dallas Taylor, that’s featured on one of Adweek’s 2021 Podcast of the Year winners, Twenty Thousand Hertz. This cast ‘explores the untold stories behind the most popular sounds in pop culture’, which happened to land it on Entertainment Weekly’s 10 Best Podcasts of 2021 too.

The series features various HBO executives describing the evolution of their unique, groundbreaking brand, as well as interviews with our very own Ferdinand J Smith reflecting on the music. You’ll hear interesting anecdotes surrounding the evolution of the piece – as well as some unknown, behind the scenes tidbits that are sure to add to any HBO fan’s knowledge base.

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