How Culture Impacts Your Business

Agency life can be hectic and stressful. It’s important to take a time out to enjoy and connect with coworkers outside of the day-to-day grind. Here at Jay we understand and celebrate these relationships, it is part of our company culture.

Recently we did exactly that, took some time to enjoy the day and each other outside of the office.

Our team visited the nearby Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester for a private guided tour and a tram ride throughout the grounds. Oh yeah, and we fed giraffes!


Because that’s what we do here at Jay. Well, aside from providing companies comprehensive advertising programs and integrated marketing plans.

Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo

Culture is a huge part of not only what we do for our clients, but who we are as a company. It’s so important that Jay has a Culture Club that meets once a week to set up events like the zoo trip, the annual holiday party, and various other fun events throughout the year.

“Culture Club is a group of people who want everyone at Jay to not only enjoy the work they’re doing, but to enjoy the people they work with,” said Mary Gould, Assistant Account Executive who also organizes the weekly meetings.

“Culture Club started a couple years ago. If you ask me, it’s easier to practice mutual respect for your coworkers when you’re able to get to know them outside of the work setting,” said Gould.

Establishing a healthy workplace culture takes much more than throwing a party or hosting an event here or there. Jay routinely goes above and beyond to ensure employee happiness. This includes offering bonus PTO days, generous time off for holidays, company lunches, and more.

“My favorite part about the culture here is that it really feels like we are one giant family,” said Haleigh Wright, Advertising Operations Specialist.

“I’ve worked at other companies before, but none that I have had the opportunity to work so closely and form relationships like I have at Jay.”

Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo


This saying is made prevalent on our website’s homepage. We have relentless respect for our work, meaning we stand behind it. We have relentless respect for our process, meaning anything we create was meticulously researched, planned, and executed. Lastly, we have relentless respect for each other and our clients, both internally and externally.


Jay has had the opportunity to work on a lot of cool projects over the years. Our client list boasts some of the most well-known names in the country. None of this would be possible without the company culture and our saying “Great Takes Guts.” Big brands aren’t looking for run-of-the-mill, mediocre campaigns. They’re looking for exciting, out-of-the-box ideas that will entice their target audience to purchase and drive business. Our company culture and attitude allow our employees to get creative and are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas no matter the department.


Sure, everyone wants the big salary, but studies have shown that workplace culture is as important – if not – more important than salary when it comes to employee happiness and productivity. Below are some benefits of a healthy culture at any business:


Happier employees are more productive. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Productivity increases when employees work in an environment that they truly enjoy. Customer service will always be better coming from a content employee compared to a disgruntled worker. When employees have something to look forward to (like a trip to the zoo, a happy hour, etc.), they’re more likely to go that extra mile because they feel appreciated.


Think about this: you might spend more time with coworkers than your own family and friends. Why not get to know them and build a professional relationship with them? Workplace culture helps a group of coworkers form into a team through camaraderie. Teams flourish when employees get along with one another, can connect on things outside of work, and understand roles and responsibilities.

Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo
Jay Advertising Goes to the Zoo

Employee Retention

All that hard work your team put into interviewing candidates, negotiating salaries, and on-boarding new employees should not be wasted. High employee turnover is not only bad for consistency, but also bad for your company’s bottom line. An enjoyable office culture allows you to keep your top employees because they feel appreciated.


No, workplace culture isn’t going to improve your attractiveness. It will, however, help your company attract top talent. NOBODY wants to go to a job and be miserable for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Job seekers – especially millennials – are looking for an enjoyable work atmosphere that they look forward to spending 33% of their lives at.


You could be thinking, “Hey, my company has a great culture. Why can’t we attract top talent?” Well, are you promoting it? It’s great that you took your team on a retreat or threw an amazing Christmas party. But does anyone know about it? That’s what social media and blogs (like this one) are for! A healthy workplace culture also makes your employees your company’s biggest asset. Happy employees love talking about their awesome company and position.

Big thanks to the Seneca Park Zoo, especially Larry Staub (Director of Monroe County Parks) and Dr. Louis DiVincenti (Seneca Park Zoo Veterinarian) for giving us a tour, answering all of our questions, and showing us a great time!


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