Metaverse Webinar: Augmented Reality Creators – Builders of The Future

Meta (formerly Facebook) is committing its efforts toward the metaverse. As official Facebook Partners, JAY was invited to take part in a unique, partners-only webinar series to learn more about the metaverse and how businesses can channel their marketing efforts to take advantage of the ever-evolving landscape. As a gift to our readers, we are sharing these webinars with you! Be sure to continue visiting our news section for insights and links to the final webinar next week.

The webinar is broken into a three-part series.

Part 1: Accelerating Businesses’ Leap into the Future

Part 2: Augmented Reality: Beyond the Face Filter

Part 3: Augmented Reality Creators: Builders of the Future

Meta – in its third and final metaverse webinar – explained the difference between social influencers and a new group of content gurus they’ve labeled “technical creators.”

  • Social influencers are your culture creators and trend setters. They’ve effectively proven themselves to help drive brand discovery and product purchase consideration.
  • Technical creators are social media savants who have acquired advanced skills dedicated to augmented reality. They specialize in creating AR content.

Think of technical creators as a closer in baseball. They might not get the same fame and notoriety as, say, Derek Jeter, the shortstop. But Mariano Rivera (the closer) was pretty darn good at what he did and not many others could duplicate his performance.

Mariano Rivera pitched 141 postseason innings and only allowed 11 earned runs. More men have walked on the moon than scored against Rivera. Guys like him don’t just grow on trees. If they did, every team in baseball would have a lockdown closer.

Technical creators – for now – are akin to closers. We must remember that AR is still new. Meta is doing its part by investing over $150 million the next three years in a program called the Meta Immersive Learning Initiative. This unique program will help today’s content gurus become tomorrow’s technical creators.

The middle segment of the webinar featured AT&T and the augmented reality experiences it recently has provided for their fans and customers.


The key takeaway from this fireside chat? AT&T saw success not because of a crazy difficult AR creative build. Not because it spent a ton of money. Instead, it was successful because the main focus for AT&T was to provide a valuable experience to their customers – not everyone on Facebook.


It sounds silly because everything we do in marketing and advertising should keep our audience in mind. But simply remembering Marketing 101 will not only make your AR building a smoother process, it will ensure the experience is useful and enjoyable for the people you’re making it for!

Facebook’s website houses useful case studies on how companies have implemented augmented reality ads on the platform. These easy reads not only detail AR strategy, but have the numbers to prove the campaigns’ successes.

Take the time to dream big and explore what’s possible with this new marketing opportunity. AR case studies on Michael Kors, Volvo, Samsung, and many other brands can be found at

We hope you enjoyed our three-part recap of Meta’s webinar series. JAY is dedicated to learning more about augmented reality marketing and how we can bring fresh new ideas to our partners. If you’re interested in more information on AR or want to get right to work, reach out to us to see how we can help!

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