(Newish) Ways to Reach Your Target Customers in 2021

Spoiler alert: the following strategies are not in fact new to 2021. They are, however, underutilized tactics that more companies should explore.


Connected TV

Wait, you still have cable television? Ok Jeff Bezos. Must be nice… But really, it’s no secret that many consumers are ditching traditional cable for streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling, fuboTV, AT&T TV Now and more. Not to mention popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.

Did you know that a lot of these platforms offer exclusive advertising options to companies? Many streaming services side ad slots specifically shown on their platform. Like traditional tv buys, you can target by network, market, and more.


We’re not claiming to be prophets or anything by saying that the way people listen to music has changed. It’s clear that the days of popping in a CD are gone. Instead, everything is streamed.

Platforms like Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify are homes to millions of listeners – many of which don’t splurge for the premium offerings and are forced to listen to ads in between their favorite jams. That’s where your company jumps in.

Want to target 18 to 25 year-olds who are located in your zip code? These platforms make it possible – plus more! They also include interest-based targeting and have formed specific audiences within their platforms, all of which you can utilize to ensure your target audience hears your ad.


Podcasts are no longer a niche market. Some quick facts:

  • 40% of Americans (over the age of 12) listened to podcasts in 2017. That number jumped to 55% in 2020.
  • 37% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once per month.
  • 50% of Americans aged 12 – 34 listen to podcasts at least once per month.
  • 81% of listeners say they actually pay attention to podcast ads!

(Sources: Convince & Convert and PodcastHosting.org)

Convinced yet?

There are a variety of options to get involved with podcast advertising. The most important is to find specific podcasts that your target audience subscribes to. Test out pre-show ads, mid-show ads, and post-show ads to see which are the most effective. Be sure to include an offer in your ads that is only available to that specific podcast so you can track everything and make your listening customer feel like they’re getting a special deal.

There are even co-branding opportunities with podcasts. Consider being the major sponsor of a podcast if it makes sense. Many podcasts have cult-like followings that will go out of their way to support the hosts. Creating a relationship with the host(s) can lead to a lifetime partnership with their fans.


Wait, I thought the title of this article was (Newish) Ways to Reach Your Target Customer in 2021? Why would we talk about social media? That’s been around forever!

True, but there are newish tactics that your company might not be taking advantage of. First off, are you even on the right platforms? Are you where your target audience is?

Don’t be afraid to explore and expand where your brand lives on social. Just make sure you have the time and manpower to manage your current and any pending new accounts. Having a profile across 10 different platforms is great but useless if you’re not consistently posting relevant content.

Did you know that TikTok has over 500 million active monthly users? I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve heard of TikTok but it sounds stupid.” Well, if that’s where your target audience is, you better set up an account ASAP.

In 2013, Snapchat released a now revolutionary feature: My Story. Users could upload pictures that last for 24 hours before being erased completely. Since then, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have followed suit.

There’s a reason every platform introduced a Story feature: it works. Did you know that 500 million people across the world view Instagram Stories daily? (Source: Hootsuite) We understand that digital video content creation is hard enough. But now is the time to be creating specific content that is sized correctly and engages your target audience through Stories.


“Ok Google, find restaurants near me.”

“Hey Siri, is there an auto shop in town?”

“Alexa, painters near me”

Wouldn’t it be cool if your business came up first for relevant voice searches like those? It can!

Voice searches work similarly to text searches you type into your computer or mobile device. The results draw from both organic and paid options that are most likely to solve your search query. If you want potential customers to be able to find you, you better have the following information readily available and accessible on your website, social media pages, and business listings:

  • Company Name
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Hours of Operation
  • Industry
  • Services Offered

Looking to stand out even more with voice searches? Try adding appropriate schema code and rich snippets to your website. Explore advertising options and bid on long-tail keywords that include terms like “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri.” Google Ads even came out with Local Search Ads that tie in your Google My Business page. These are ads that are tailored for people specifically looking for your type of services in your area!

Think this is a waste of time? Think again. 76 million Americans have smart speaker devices in their home!


What’s the best way to get more customers? Turn to your current customers! We all know that it’s much easier to resell a current customer than find a new one. Current customers can help you achieve both, though. The premise of all three of the tactics listed below is based off of one simple question: Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Referral Programs

We’d be willing to bet a lot of money that your current customers have friends, families, coworkers and acquaintances. Give your current customers a chance to share your brand/product/service with their inner circle of like-minded consumers. Most referral programs reward both the referrer and new customer. This not only gets you more business, but encourages your customers to talk about how great you are!


Did you know that online shoppers are more likely to trust an online review from someone they don’t know more than a family member or friend? Encourage or even incentivize your loyal fans to leave sparkling reviews. Create a video testimonial with a customer that you helped save a ton of money or improved productivity for.

Loyalty Rewards

“Buy five subs and your sixth one is free.” Um, I know what’s for dinner tonight…

More and more companies are switching to digital rewards through apps. Even if your business can’t, you should still have some type of loyalty reward system. Remember to be fair with your rewards. There’s nothing worse than needing to visit a restaurant or store 10 times for a measly $1 off. If your reward is enticing enough, it’ll be that extra kick in the butt for your customer to visit and order more often.

We know staying up to date can be a lot of work. If you have questions about the latest platforms and protocols, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk through the best strategies to keep, and grow, your customer base for a successful 2021 and beyond!

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