We’re In This Together

As a marketing & communications company, increased TV viewership and ratings would typically be something we’d be excited to share with our clients and partners. While local and national news outlets are experiencing a significant boost in ratings, even with the elusive millennial demographic, what’s an advertiser, or advertising agency to do in times of a crisis? The key is to communicate and keep your customers informed so you can keep business moving forward. What you say and how you say it is paramount so you can deliver the appropriate messaging without being insensitive or distasteful.

During this unprecedented time, we want to reassure you that we’re here as your partner and collaborator so that COVID-19 only remains a disruption to your business rather than a permanent blow to you and your employees. To meet the challenges of the current climate, Jay is working harder than ever for our partners. At Jay, our mantra is Relentless Respect. Relentless means unwavering in our beliefs, strong in our convictions, constant and continuous, and never giving up. We still believe that great storytelling creates brand loyalty, we just need to go about telling your story differently.

Naturally, you’re probably asking yourself, “Ok, so what’s next?” That’s what we’re here for…to consult with you as your partner and together decide what’s best for your business. During such a volatile time, the answer to that may change weekly or even daily. In an article just published in Ad Age Magazine, a Kantar Study released Wednesday found 75% of consumers feel brands should be informing the public about their efforts to combat the situation. It also revealed that consumers favor brands that put their employees first. Our team of Brand Consultants are ready to brainstorm ideas with you so that you and your employees can best communicate to those you serve.  We’re doers, creators, and collaborators. Let’s roll up our sleeves and figure this out together.

Current client or not, Jay is here to help. Call us at 585-264-3600.

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