Clark Equipment Rental & Sales

Social Media Management

Clark Equipment Rental & Sales, a heavy equipment provider in Syracuse, NY, came to JAY in need of a social media partner to help manage and grow their existing social networks, including Facebook, now Meta, Instagram, and YouTube.

Over the course of the first year, we’ve generated tremendous results. We’re seeing sizable follower increases across all social media channels. Content efforts continue to drive significant engagement and reach as well. This strategic push resulted in dramatic increases in website visits from social efforts, as well as online lead conversions. Check out the RESULTS for detailed success metrics.

JAY’s social media management services focus on increasing followers, engagement, brand awareness, and driving leads. Our strategy is based on developing a combination of promotional and engagement content aligned with our client’s business goals.

Partners are provided with an onboarding questionnaire to begin their service, which establishes brand voice/persona for copywriters, brand design for graphic designers and video producers, as well as content categories and topics.

We then collaborate to craft the social media content calendar, month after month, which consists of a variety of engagement and promotional posts. The purpose of the engagement posts is to inform, educate, and entertain our audience. The promotional posts play an important part of our social media strategy which promotes Clark equipment for sale and rent.

Content balance is key. Too much promotional content can hinder lead generation. We prioritize providing useful, educational, and entertaining content for your audience to build trust, keep them engaged, and drive more followers. People are more likely to purchase from a brand they trust.

With organic posts only reaching an average of 5% of followers on Facebook1, our team understands the importance of boosting posts. This effort increases engagement, reach, followers, and sales leads. Our social media specialists boost posts based on content type with specific targeting and objectives to reach each of these goals. Whether we’re increasing brand awareness, growing followers, or driving sales leads, we are always optimizing to deliver success for our partners.

46% increase in Meta/Facebook followers

39% increase in Instagram followers

918% increase in YouTube subscribers

24K+ Meta/Facebook engagements

1.4K+ Instagram engagements

1.4M+ YouTube video views

133% increase in website visits driven by social network efforts

470+ equipment inquiry online lead conversions

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