Identity Rebrand

We were tasked to create a new visual identity for Causewave Community Partners, formerly known as The Rochester Advertising Council, an iconic brand in (not-for-profit) business for 65 years. It was an opportunity we relished to take on.

In conjunction with various creative and media partners, Causewave develops public service campaigns that educate, illuminate, and bring attention to important issues that affect residents in the Greater Rochester area.

The new logo needed to coincide with the new name that aligns Causewave with the role the brand wants to play — as a community-serving organization, with multiple tools in its arsenal, that’s all about helping causes build momentum.

Guided by the client’s self-description, we created a visually striking symbol that serves a dual purpose: The image can be seen both as a tall, solid red wave rushing forward, as well as the beginning of a quotation mark, demonstrating the multiplicity of voices and perspectives of the many people with whom the organization works and collaborates.

Causewave initiated a hashtag campaign, #jointhewave, for members of the community to share on social media things they do to volunteer or otherwise improve the Rochester community.

The rebrand was hailed a great success, in part due to the community’s excited response to the new identity. And as a community-minded agency, we couldn’t be prouder.

Causewave Rebrand Logo
Causewave Rebrand Stationary
Causewave Logo Sign