Studios at Linden Oaks Music Production

The Studios at Linden Oaks

Music Composition

On the first floor of JAY headquarters resides The Studios at Linden Oaks — a world-class audio production facility tailor-made for music composing, recording, and audio post-production.

Conceived by music Hall of Fame icon Ferdinand Jay Smith, this extraordinary place for musical inspiration can accommodate it all — from jingles to jams to just about anything your musical heart desires.

It took several years of planning, and the help of world-renowned acoustical experts, sound engineers, musicians, editors, and more to make the Studios a reality. Since opening its sound-proof doors, this state-of-the-art facility featuring a 4,900 sq. ft. recording studio and control room has been home to the likes of platinum-selling artists James Taylor, Lou Gramm, and Chuck Mangione, plus scores of other notable musicians and performers from all genres.

Over the years, our space and expertise have also attracted national commercial clientele as well. We’ve been responsible for the familiar musical identities for numerous networks, including the main HBO theme — the longest-running theme on television — HBO Sports, boxing, Wimbledon, and Inside the NFL, as well as NBC, CBS, ABC, the Golf Channel, and the NHL Network.

We also specialize in retail broadcast production for radio, television and web, servicing national and regional marketing for General Motors, specifically Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick. From voiceover recording and sound design to music and final audio mix, our expertise makes the process simple, so you can get your commercial on air and in front of your audience.

HBO Theme

Arguably the most famous of Ferdinand Jay Smith’s compositions, the HBO theme was awarded the “Longest Running Theme on Television” by BMI in 2009.

Wegmans 'We Are A Family'

Wegmans: “We Are A Family,” written and produced by Ferdinand Jay Smith, emphasized the importance of family, community, and key values which, to this day, are synonymous with the Wegmans brand.

Five Star Bank 'Today Is Tomorrow In Progess'

As the music that helped rebrand a bank and launch it into new markets, it had to be something unique and memorable. Check. And Check. The bright and friendly nature of the piece perfectly complements the campaign’s illustrative cut-paper style featured in the multiple :15 commercials for broadcast video and digital content.

St. John Fisher College 'Up Close'

Needing to appeal to both prospective college students and their parents, we created original, custom music that, like the College itself, feels welcoming and inviting. While possessing a modern, minimalist edge to it, the piece contains a very hummable choral refrain that quickly sticks in your head.

ABC Movie Of The Week

Before movies “on demand,” gathering to watch ABC Movie of the Week was a treat for the whole family. Written and produced by Ferdinand Jay Smith.

HBO Boxing

This song may bring back some memorable fights! Written and produced by Ferdinand Jay Smith.

Olympic Games 'Here, Together As One'

“Here, Together As One” was written and produced by Ferdinand Jay Smith for the Olympic Games in Moscow. Unfortunately, this musical thoroughbred never had the chance to be heard in Moscow due to the U.S. boycott of the Games, but later became the theme for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Regardless, “Here, Together As One” still embodies the winning spirit that drives us all.

NHL Hockey

If you love hockey, you’ll remember this favorite, written and produced by Ferdinand Jay Smith.

Buffalo Bills 'Can You Feel It'

Through all the ups and downs, Bills fans stay loyal. And every year ‘we feel it,’ the unwavering belief that this year is our year. “Can You Feel It,” produced by Ferdinand Jay Smith, expresses that excitement we all share as fans at the beginning of each season.