Energy Cooperative of America

Identity Rebrand

Honest. Transparent. Compassionate. Economical.

Incredibly enough, these are the correct words to describe a utilities company. Ah, but this is no ordinary energy provider; this is the Energy Cooperative of America, the area’s only not-for-profit energy company. So, when the Co-op partnered with us for a brand refresh in honor of its 20th anniversary we were eager to help share their mission of saving area businesses both money and headaches.

To help make this happen, we developed a new, bright and energetic identity under the theme “Conducting good business.” We also revamped their website and produced a variety of collateral pieces, both of which showcase the new logo/look and illuminates the Co-op’s position as the smart and friendly energy choice, an organization full of positivity and cost-savings solutions. What a pleasure it was to work with a kindred spirit, a company who, like us, works on behalf of their clients’ bottom line.