Five Star Bank

Annual Report

Critical to its shareholders, the Five Star Bank Annual Report is a unique piece that requires a careful balance of design and factual information. Considering the success of the recent rebrand, this was an opportune time for the bank to contextualize the Report with the new branded elements and share Five Star’s new consumer-facing brand to all its investors and constituents.

We integrated the new brand look and feel throughout the piece, starting with the cover — a cut-paper image blending urban and rural life, a reflection of the bank’s consumer base, and supported by the new tagline Today is Tomorrow in Progress. Other traditional Annual Report elements, like graphs, charts, and lead-ins, were also refreshed with the newly developed proprietary font system.

It was important for shareholders, especially those living outside the bank’s media footprint, to see the connection between how a consumer perceives and experiences the bank’s brand and how successful the bank will be moving forward.

Thanks to positive metrics for account acquisitions and website impressions, we were indeed able to show in the Report how the rebrand is in part responsible for these early signs of traction in the marketplace.

FSB Annual Report Print Production Cover Full
Five Star Bank Annual Report
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