St. John Fisher College

I See Myself

After a successful three-year run of the Up Close campaign, it was time for a refresh — an evolution of the theme.

Candid focus groups with students and faculty helped us understand the type of student who enrolls at Fisher: kind, community-minded individuals who want autonomy and the opportunity for self-discovery, but who also enjoy the safety net of a smaller school close to home.

Which led to this student-centric insight: I want to be a part of a supportive community that empowers me to become my best self, while preparing me for a successful future.

To get at the heart of the school’s soul required a new perspective on what it means to “take a closer look” and what that discovery reveals.

Brand Campaign Results
14.7M+ Impressions
111K+ Clicks To Landing Page
2.7M+ Completed Video Views
637K+ Total Social Page Engagements
LinkedIn Campaign Results Graduate Nursing Program
LinkedIn Sponsored content saw a .41% increase in CTR with the new campaign
Email Campaign Results M.S. in Strategic Communication Program
Email generated a 21% CTR over 2X the benchmark

Social media placements generated a 6% video completion rate, over 2X the benchmark

Social Marketing Education

I SEE MYSELF AT FISHER provides a bold, new platform from which a series of student declarations have been launched, proudly representing diverse undergraduate experiences and various graduate schools.

The genuine campaign celebrates all the exciting possibilities Fisher students see for themselves and their future, as told through their authentic point of view (the “I”).


The fully integrated campaign is anchored by a series of broadcast commercials that include an undergraduate anthem and four individual storylines from students featured in the anthem. Filmed on campus, the commercials showcase Academics; Athletics; Service; and Campus Life.

The marketing strategy employs a combination of video content, print, outdoor and digital tactics (high-reach social) deployed for each target across the market footprint.

Initial metrics show that our audiences for undergraduate and the specific graduate schools are responding favorably, staying engaged beyond the norm.