Organic Farms

Customers are increasingly more aware of what’s in their food, how it’s made, who made it, and the story behind the food that they eat. We were tasked with telling the story of Wegmans mission to provide their customers with locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables they could feel good about.

13.7M Impressions
1.1M Completed Video Views

garnered significant awareness of Wegmans organic produce across their entire footprint

Wegmans Organic Farm Digital Video Production

Campaign Strategy

Research indicated that over 49% (10.5MM) shoppers within the Wegmans footprint identified as an Organic Consumer. Our goal for reaching these individuals was through the development of a series of 8 long-form videos corresponding to seasonally relevant crops available at the Wegmans Organic Farm and their partner farms. The videos featured Wegmans’ employees highlighting each crop’s nutritional benefits, as well as, Wegmans organic growing methods.


Digital Marketing

With video content in-hand, our media team set out to deliver on the client’s most important objective- growing awareness of Wegmans Organic Farm and their organic produce.

They brought forward a mix of pre-roll video, interactive banner ads, YouTube, Facebook and native advertising. This combination represented the best way to reach the organic customer in every aspect of their internet usage while providing an effective way to share the Organic Farm story both through video and written content.

The result was a digital campaign that exceeded video view goals and garnered significant awareness of Wegmans organic produce across their entire footprint.

Organic Farm Digital Facebook Advertising
Organic Farm Digital Rich Media Advertising
Organic Farm Digital YouTube Advertising