Greenlight Networks

Search Engine Marketing

Greenlight Networks a high speed fiber internet provider based in Rochester, NY partnered with JAY with the goal of driving more online sign ups for their home internet service. Our media and digital teams strategized a plan of attack. Thorough audience research, diligent keyword targeting, and engaging ad copy, Google Ads search engine marketing campaign quickly became a top performing placement driving online orders at a low cost-per-acquisition.

Our campaigns comprise of branded keywords and non-branded keywords. Branded keywords have a search impression share over 80%. Even better? Our conquest Ad Group has seen a search impression share of 37%. That means our ads are showing more than 1/3rd of the time people search for Greenlight’s local and national competitors.

The campaigns have generated an immediate ROI of 115% based on a one month subscription. But, the best thing about a recurring service like residential internet, is that customers “re-purchase” every month. Greenlight paid once to get a customer, but their lifetime value is worth so much more depending on how long they keep Greenlight’s internet service.

Using a one year subscription estimate, our campaigns have driven an ROI of nearly 2,500%! These ROI calculations assume customers purchased the lowest-priced internet option – meaning the campaigns have likely driven even better results with some customers purchasing higher level service packages.

Taking this success, Greenlight has now expanded into Buffalo, Binghamton and Albany with plans for more markets in the future!

Search Engine Marketing
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