Awesomeness 101- St. John Fisher College Class

When you love advertising as much as we do, you want to share that passion. Which is why it’s such a privilege for us at Jay to host each spring semester Advertising Strategy and Production, a fully credited course for the future marketers of St. John Fisher College.

Led by Account Supervisor Kristen Englehart and Account Director Heather Middlebrook, the 15-week course uses a hands-on, holistic approach, teaching students how to take an idea from conception to the marketplace. Students roll up their sleeves and tackle a real-life assignment from two local businesses. As a team, they manage the projects from start to finish, putting their new skills to the test, including research, brief writing, strategic campaign planning, evaluating media placements, and creative execution. The expectation is that the students, also known as Jay Scholar Students, will operate as their own agency, each taking ownership of a specific position within their area of expertise. With looming deadlines and specific client requests that must be met, the mentored students get a better understanding of what it’s like to work in an agency environment. Except for the crying. We do our best to hide that from them. They’re still kids, after all.

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